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Technology today affects every single aspect of modern society.Technological advancements in healthcare have contributed to services being taken out of the confines of hospital walls and integrating them with user-friendly, accessible devices.


Our emergency departments operate 24 hours a day, although staffing levels may be varied in an attempt to mirror patient volume. We have best personnel of Consultants, Medical Officers, Staff Nurses and Other paramedical staff.


Healthcare Solutions (HHS) is a team of experts with global experience and access to technology, services, financing and partners to bring your project to life. We offer one point of contact to design a tailor made solution that responds to your needs.

Islamabad Psychiatric Clinic

Where there is a Will, There is a Way – A brilliant idea and an inspiring Universal Truth which gave birth to a unique Rehab Facility in the twin cities of Rawalpindi –Islamabad named Islamabad Psychiatric Clinic also known as IPC. Islamabad Psychiatric Clinic started her journey although in 2014 but in a shortest period of time carrying extreme determination and a strong Will to eradicate the Evils of Drugs & Alcohol Addiction with advanced Scientific Ways made her an Ultimate Choice for Drug Abuse Treatment in the Capital. In other words One can say that Yes, IPC has a Will to fight with it & IPC has a Way to win the War against this Epidemic as simple as that. We can proudly claim now that IPC is not only one of the Top Clinics specialized in Drugs-Alcohol Treatment but also earned a good reputation in Drugs Rehabilitation & Addiction Recovery Services. Unlike other Drug Rehab Centers IPC do not attempt to treat the patients in “One-Size-Fit-All” Recovery Program rather our Success comes through the most logical way of “Personalizing” i.e. Treatment as per Patient’s personal needs & situation. Our Programs are seldom tailor-made instead we prepare specific on Case-to-Case basis. Over 100 ancillary Rehab Options are available with IPC to choose from where we start our work to help the Patient ‘Custom Fit’. That’s why, we are trusted second to none in the field of Addiction Psychiatry.

Be Your Own Hero

Learning to live without Drugs or Alcohol is not an easy method for the affected Patients.  It’s like trying to turn out to be a distinctive reborn man or woman. You have gotten used to count on the buzzer which can get you trapped anytime in the day or night. The notion of being a Normal & Sober person does not attract the Patient in any respect. Regular lifestyles and ordinary Humans look just stupid to him/her. But, no one wants to be a Stupid by preference, right? So, pick up to hold the situation so that you can avoid being one of the Uninteresting lot of People. It is not a fun anymore, you must have to uphold it tight. You have to recognize your own need, will and existence to prevent yourself for your loved ones.

What you don’t recognize is that normal human beings are really residing their lives in actual-time. They are not hung over or drowsing all day & night. You, on the other hand are not dwelling absolutely. You are a just like a Zombie controlled by lethal Chemicals & also feeling “dead” to yourself which is not True. All you want to do is to get up once more and keep telling yourself that You are a Hero…Behave like a Hero…Be Your own Hero.

Do you ever think of Drugs or Alcohol as body-snatchers? Like in the old Movies, it takes over and manipulate your mind & body to make you slave. Then you are nothing but a Vessel to let the Chemicals do their evil work. But, like the Hero in the movies, you need to be strong & Courageous. You have to take the first horrifying step to confront the Villain and as a result you could have a glad ending. You’re combating to your ugly Lifestyle. You want your beautiful Lifestyle back. No one and no drug has the right to snatch it from you. Stand your ground firm and call it a Day to start a Healthy Life to deliver the achievements to your loved ones.

Getting excessive in any walk of life is bad because it stops being Proper? So, do not waste another day, another night now for the sake of your existence as by taking it too lengthy the Drugs or Alcohol will possibly kill you subsequently.

Every time you get excessive you lose something you could not get it returned – Time. You are not capable to reclaim the misplaced days and nights. You’ve thrown them away.  Why get normal at IPC? Amazingly, you don’t need to be spiritual to comprehend that Existence or Life is a treasured Gift of God Almighty. Many of us are absolutely unfamiliar with How or Why we are right here but this Planet call that he has a lot of considerable, exciting and exquisite things to peer, do, and revel in.  Stop sitting around in drug-brought oblivion and go out to sense, hear, scent, taste and embody all that what you can. Yeah…Behave like a Hero. Be Your own Hero.

Reach Out for a Helping Hand

Unlike the Hero in a Movie, you may ask for the back-up on your Warfare. That is proper as Our Crew of Experts is incredibly professional and keen to join you in the Fight and help you against your enemy. We at IPC has recognized the fact precisely that Where there is a Will, There is a Way. With the right amount of guidance and steering, you will quickly be celebrating your victory over dependency Insha Allah.

Our high caliber Team is comprised of thorough Professionals e.g. Addiction Counselors, Psychotherapists, Mental Health Specialists, Hypnotherapists, Behaviorists, Cognitive Behavior Therapists, Psychologists & Consultants.

Addiction Counselor

A qualified Therapist is available 24h to diagnose and treat any co-occurring Mental Health condition and our Addiction Counselor is ready to help the Patient on-spot.


Psychotherapy aims to improve the Patient’s well-being & mental health and our Psychotherapist is ready to resolve and mitigate troublesome behaviors, beliefs, compulsions, thoughts, emotions, relationships etc.


Hypnotherapy – a type of complementary and alternative Treatment in which the Mind is used to resolve variety of problems e.g. breaking bad habits or coping with stress.

Cognitive Behavior Therapist

CBT is a psycho-social intervention that is the most widely used evidence-based practice for improving mental health. Guided by empirical research, CBT focuses on personal coping strategies.

Ms. Sumera Bhatti

CEO & Consultancy Clinical Psychologist | M.Sc Applied Psychology PU | ADCP ( Advance Diploma in Clinical Psychology )PU | DAM ( Diploma in Addiction Medicine) British Columbia University Canada ICAP (International certified Addiction Professional) Colombo Plan & UNODC | National Trainer NODC

Dr. Beenish Gull

Consultant Psychiatrist

Nauman Adil
kifayat Hussain
Executive Director
Dr. Azhar Ali
MBBS, FCPS (PSYCH) Assistant Professor Psychiatry &

Behavioral Sciences, Consultant Psychiatrist

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